We've had a long working relationship with Môn CF and Plas Cybi Partnership as it was in a previous life. So we were delighted to be asked to help develop their new website.

The brief was very clear from Colin Lyon - it needs to be incredibly easy to use.

So we decided to create a site the had a very intuitive front page - nice big clear images with links taking users directly the specific areas of interest - Employment Support, Training, Money etc. Plus Môn CF had three key stats they wanted wanted to display proudly on the home page, so we built an easy to edit module for them to display those too.

As you'd expect, the site is completley repsonsive. So, even though the homepage contains a complex arrangement of tiles, they all neatly cascade a fall in line one the screen size gets smaller.

You can view the Môn CF website here:

Môn CF Website