Holyhead Empire Cinema

The Holyhead Empire Complex website is a complex one. It's three websites in one (Cinema, Play Centre, and Parent & Toddler Group), in two languages, all controlled via a single administrator login area.

Built on a our favourite Content Management Systsem (CMS), Joomla!, the Holyhead Empire website is a joy to use and manage. Each area has it's own distinctive look and feel, and yet they are clearly part of the same family.

79% of the vistitors to the website do so via a mobile device, so it was essential that the website was responsive and automtaitcally adjusted its layout, styles and font sizes for differnet screen sizes. The Cinema section in particlar was important to get right. The very first website had way too much text and unnecessary information. Customers wanted to know what films were on, what films were coming and how much ticket prices were. So that how we built it - keeping that info big and clear and immediatley visible when the site was accessed. We also made sure that the booking button was placed clearly at the top of the site to make booking easy.

We've also added an SSL (Secure Socket Layer) certificate for added security and confidence for the users. This encrypts all data between the browser and the server so customer information is safe from prowlers and customers feel secure using the site.

View the website here:

Holyhead Empire Website